The face behind the fundraiser

Mum, Partner, Survivor.


 Hi, my name is Simone Nelson, I'm not just a cancer survivor. I'm a mum and daughter

This picture was taken 4 months after i finished Chemotherapy, 3 months after a single mastectomy and 2 weeks after i finished 5 weeks of radiation treatment.

 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with High Grade Invasive Metastatic Breast Cancer, with an 11cm, YES you heard right 11cm tumor!!  I was one of the lucky ones, it had only spread to my Lymph nodes.

Against my better judgement, i went though Chemotherapy. During Chemotherapy,  my tumor changed, and we thought for the better. Unfortunately we were wrong. After having surgery, I was told it wasn't 11cm like scans showed, but in fact it had grown.... Grown to 18cm. Yep, an 18cm tumor in my breast.  If you could imagine, a bread and butter plate in your boob, without the pudding....!! 

Everyone who met me kept asking me how i kept positive, my response? My wicked sense of humor, and my family and friends.

When it came time to tell my friends, they were told up front, no crying, no sulking and no shit! I was very lucky my friends had the same idea. No shit was taken, and one of my best girlfriends, put me on to LYS. Toni, knew LYS and I had one thing in common..... F cancer! 

I'm not going to lie, Cancer sucked. Chemo sucked, Surgery/Radiation leaving me scarred, lop sided and burnt sucked, and still does.

But hey, I'm still here.....

I finished my treatment on the 28th of June, 2017, which was my step daughters birthday, so a double celebration was had.

Since treatment finished, i have spent time recovering, and trying to learnt the new normal. 

September the 8th 2017 is a significant day not only for LYS, but also for myself. The day an angel received her wings, I got the all clear.

By raising funds for cancer research, I hope no one else's family goes through what my family went through, and what millions of other families have gone through. 

I say my family is lucky, lucky to still have me annoying the shit out of them, lucky to have me nagging them, but also lucky for me to still be here to be able to love them. 

Please help me raise funds for cancer research