About Love your Sister



Connie Johnson started the Love Your Sister Charity on New Years Day 2012 with her brother Samuel. The charity supports the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and aimed to raise $AU10 million for cancer research.

In February 2013 Samuel left Melbourne on his unicycle and rode a world record 15,000 kilometres (9,320.57 mi) around Australia in an effort to raise one million dollars for Love Your Sister. The ride ended after 364 days in February 2014 and raised almost $1.5 million.

The Big Heart Project aimed to break the record for the longest line of coins, but when they were inundated with donations the plans changed; they created a heart that people could fill with buckets of 5 cent coins. The project raised $2.535 million for the charity. $200,000 was donated to The Cancer Support Group (formerly The Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group).

Charitable donations received via the Love Your Sister website and the Not Another XXXXing Swear Jar campaign increased the funds raised by the charity to $5.6 million at the time of Johnson's death.