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About Us


A Worthy Cause

I'm raising funds for Love Your Sister cancer organization. You know the one that has that crazy younger brother of Connie Johnson at the wheel? Yep, that's the one. Sam's philosophy is very much what mine was when I was going through treatment.  F CANCER!!  I'm one of the lucky ones, I'm still able to annoy the shit out of my loved ones, while there are many families that don't have that. Lets Stamp out Cancer by saying F CANCER.


A Great Event

There will be market stalls, Food, Children's rides, Entertainment, 


Get Involved!

We'd love you to help reach our target of $15,000 to help stamp out that yucky thing we call cancer. Connie, myself and many others have had or are going through treatment for Breast cancer, but its not what Love your Sister is about, Sam wants to say F to all cancers!